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It’s a hot day, you’re working at the office, and the sun is pouring heat outside on the parking lot. You’re waiting for your shift to end so that you can head to your home. When you finally jump inside the car, and it’s as hot as a pressure cooker. That’s where the idea of getting a tremendous retractable screen comes in. You must have seen cars with screens in their rear windows or some vehicles parked in the lot with front and back windshields covered up in the sunshades. We all are tired of our cars getting hot during afternoons, and that’s why we have decided you to help in buying a good sunshade kit for your car’s rear window.

If you’re looking to buy one right now, we have picked up the best one from the market and tested it. In this Shade Styx ERT-RW39 reviews we are going to talk about its features, pros and cons. We request you to read this Shade Styx ERT-RW39 reviews before making the final purchase.



  • It’s quick and easy to install, make sure to take the measurements of the rear window correctly before the purchase. You can also remove it easily.
  • It’s highly durable and comes with sturdy attachment. It’s less likely to fall off the window.
  • It’s hassle-free to operate.


  • Unfortunately, if you own a truck, van, SUV or a hatchback, this product isn’t compatible with them. You’ll have to get something else.
  • It may not be suitable for cars made before 2000 if they don’t come with anchors for child seats.
  • Extended use might cause some tears in the ceiling fabric of your car. Extend use can cause some tears in the ceiling fabric of the vehicle.

Shade Styx Rear Window Sunshade – Details and Features

If you are looking for a great rear window sun shade? Then best rear window sunshade by Shade Styx is the one you should look into.

If you think side window shades are not enough to keep the inside cool, try this one rear window sunshade. It’s perfect for protecting your kids from the heat. Shade Styx ERT-RW39 Rear Window Sunshade mounts to the back seat semi-permanently.

It stays up unless you want to take it down. You can roll it down to keep the interior cool and up when you want to see the outside.

It’s highly durable. Shade Styx ERT-RW39 Rear Car Window Sunshade measures 39 x 36 x 18 inches and is tailored for a range of cars. It’s easy to install, takes a few minutes to fit and doesn’t need any tools.

It will prevent the excess light and heat from ruining the interior. It’s easy to remove, lightweight. However, this can stick to the rear windows of the car only.

Here are the features of it:

  1. It provides better comfort from the heat and protects the interior from prolonged heat exposure.
  2. Easy to install within 5 to 10 minutes; no accessory required.
  3. For passenger cars only. Not suitable for hatchbacks, pickup trucks, suvs and minivans.
  4. Shade size: 39 x 36 x 18 inches
  5. The rear window is required to be at least 39 inches wide and top of the rear window must be 36 inches wide.
  6. 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Why You Should Buy a Sun Shades For Your Car?

If you always wondered what those sun shades are for, then let us tell you why they are made, and you should buy one too! Sun shades are useful for various reasons. You can use a sunshade to protect the eyes of your kids when you put them in the back seat. Electronics gadgets in your car can get damaged due to prolonged exposure to the heat. With a sunshade like Shade Styx Rear Window Sunshade, you protect your gadgets, kids or pets and even inside of the car from heating up.

Final Words

Buying a car sun shade can be confusing with so many low-tier, cheap products flooding the market. We tested Shade Styx ERT-RW39 Rear Car Window Sunshade and found it to be subtle enough for you to consider it as an option. If you have correctly measured the rear window of the car and if the vehicle’s compatible with it, then we suggest you buy it without any second thoughts.